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In 2020 everyone is more or less terrified of Covid-19. The lockdown started from the end of March. Most likely, after two and a half months of the lockdown, University Grants Commission Bangladesh (UGC) announced that all the classes will start online. All the private university students are mentally prepared for online classes. International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) is one of the best private University in Chittagong. As soon as we got the notice from UGC, we were ready to give the final of the current semester.


This online activity has been going on since June, which is not very comfortable or easy for us. Before the lockdown, sixth semester was running in all the departments of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) and final was held on online. Then our seventh semester classes started. There is no response from the students in this situation. Because there is usually a tendency to pass early.


It is possible to learn a lot by paying attention to online classes. Teachers of our university are running this online classes and exams very nicely. Classes are being held in specific slots. Students are supporting the teachers in every steps. Labs were a different matter for the Faculty of Science & Engineering. Teachers are trying to finish this lab classes by online as much as possible.


Students and Teachers in under pressure for the last one month to finish the syllabus because the final exam is ahead. Assignments, quiz, presentations, class tests everything has to be done online. So, there is too much pressure for us. Also, this is a new experience for teachers & students of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC). I hope the situation will be under controlled and we'll go back to our evergreen campus as early as possible.



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