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The 'Blue Economy' is an emerging term that promotes the sustainable use of marine resources for economic growth, improved living standards, and employment while preserving the ocean’s ecosystem. It emphasizes the management of the sea and the sustainable use of marine resources. The sea area of ​​Bangladesh is 1, 18, 813 sq km, which is close to our land area and is full of biodiversity. Our Bay of Bengal (BOB) is rich in four types of resources such as fisheries, minerals, water plantains and other water resources. Several sectors of the Blue Economy, including fisheries, shipping and port facilities, are contributing to our economy in a broad way. We can build a robust economy in Bangladesh by making proper utilization of other areas of the blue economy. We know that the government has already started taking various important measures to utilize our blue resources. The effects of COVID-19 are immense both on land and in our oceans. The pandemic presents an opportunity to develop a sustainable blue economy suitable for the future that will help revive our downtrodden economy.


SheBa Publication Bangladesh Limited is an online and print-based publishing organization that provides credible solutions to critical issues, not just to the scientific community as well as to humanity. Currently, we are now focusing on the proper utilization of the Blue Economic Resources and Biodiversity Conservation in Bangladesh to continue our work.


Our 'Blue Economy & Biodiversity' magazine is accepting submissions for the first edition of the theme “Safeguard the Blue to Revive Our Economy ". We invite you to submit your writings.


Writing Subjects:

• Ocean Renewable Energy.
• Mangroves & Coral Island.
• Maritime Education & Research.
• Marine or Coastal Tourism.
• Marine Artisanal & Industrial Fisheries.
• Marine Biotechnology.
• Seaweed Culture & Mariculture.
• Sea Salt Production.

Note that the articles must be in accordance with the theme of the first edition but you can choose any subject from the given subjects section.


Language: English

Word Limit: 800-1000 (Maximum)

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